01 AERE IS A CE0068 CERTIFIED PPE Aere By Somain Italia
For COVID-19 protection
March 2020
5 layers of protection
100% Made in Italy
03 100% Made in Italy A production made
By passionate entrepreneurs
04 PPE-R / 02.075 Version2 Webdesign Project
February 2019
for ThemePunch


For more than 15 years Somain Italia has been committed to spreading the culture of safety with practical solutions for the protection of workers who work at height and in confined space.

Our commitment extends well beyond the products, covering also the part of information and training through Genesi Academy.

With objective of expanding the range of the already rich offer of PPE, we have decided to take another big step, entering the sector of respiratory protection devices with a new brand, Aere.

Aere is a PPE, a 100% Italian Half Mask, born in an unprecedented fase Italy had never faced before March 2020 with the outburst of Covid-19.


It is a half mask made in full compliance with the CE regulations it is marked CE0068 and certified as PPE-R / 02.075 Version 2.

Aere was born from the will and entrepreneurial determination, in a moment of immense difficulty, to guarantee a supply of PPE on the Italian national territory. The first element of a production that will shortly supply the PPE’s FFP2 and FFP3 with and without valve.

The innovative design adheres evenly to the face and allows for a comfortable respiration.

If you wish to have more information on the regulations on respiratory PPE’s and get to know the differences between a “mask” and a half mask, click HERE!


The Genesi Aere half-mask has been tested and has exceeded the requirements of the specific document and it is in all respects a Third Category PPE and complies with the essential requirements of Regulation 2016/425 according to the recommendations of the RFU document PPE-R/02.075 Version 2 and it is marked CE 0068.


The Genesi Aere half-mask is foldable and designed to ensure maximum respiratory and wearing comfort even for operators not accustomed to the use of respiratory  protection devices.


Aere is packed by single unit directly during production in single sealed plastic bag to grant the maximum hygiene and non contamination.


How long do you wear your PPE?
Aere is a filtering half mask designed to optimize comfort. The horizontal welding makes it adaptable to any type of face.

Higyene & Non Contamination

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."




Inspired by values such as the centrality of human life, passion for innovation and the dissemination of safety awareness, Genesi by Somain Italia has a clear intrinsic Vision for its employees, for all business areas and roles, for its collaborators, services and in its products: “To be the arms that save workers’ lives and protect their dreams”.

The Genesi by Somain Italia mission is: To protect and implement solutions that safeguard people’s lives. To disseminate awareness of the right to work safely, to allow employees to return home safe and sound every day.


When we started thinking about embarking on this adventure, we wanted to help solve the “masks” problem but also find a way to keep our company healthy in a complicated year.

From the beginning we all kept in mind that in our DNA there was the safety of workers and that we would have taken the “masks” path with the aim of arriving at a Personal Protective Equipments, certified and produced according to all laws and regulations in force.

No shortcuts or exceptions nor importing, we wanted to arrive at a certified and CE marked PPE, so we stopped talking about “masks” and concentrated on giving birth to the Somain Italia Filtering Half Mask.

AERE BY Somain Italia